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Scenic viewpoint (Free entrance)

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Scenic Viewpoint (free entrance)

If you want to make beautiful pictures, then Thung Sen is the place to come to! Visit Thung Sen Tam Coc to make stunning pictures and beautiful selfies. The entrance is free.


We grow most of the ingredients ourselves. Our master chef is a real wizard with food. In a forest atmosphere, you can enjoy Vietnamese and Western cuisines.


Enjoy coffee, tea, or a healthy smoothie with the best possible view of the garden.


If you like to barbecue, then this barbecue will end up high in your “all-time bbq experience top 10”.

Welcome to

Thung Sen Tam Coc

Sometimes customers ask, what is this place? Actually, that is not easy to describe. Thung Sen is more than a restaurant or cafe.

Yes, we serve delicious food that is absolutely fresh. The food and ingredients are coming straight from the farm. We have our own small farm and garden for vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Vietnamese and foreign individuals are welcome but we also organize events for companies, team building, weddings, birthday parties, and other anniversaries.

Contact us today to make a successful event together.


Discover Tam Coc’s best-kept secret. Is it heaven, is it paradise? Come visit Thung Sen and find out for yourself.
Forget all your trouble for some time and enjoy the peaceful and nice atmosphere in Thung Sen, the secret garden in paradise.

Event location

Often companies are visiting us for team building days. Thung Sen Tam Coc is also the perfect location for a wedding anniversary, birthday party, or school reunion.

Cultural activities

Often we organize cultural activities, like cooking classes. Our enthusiastic staff can tell you with passion about Vietnam culture.

Cooking class (eco)

In the cooking class, you will learn a lot about the Vietnamese kitchen. We will get ingredients from our own garden, fresh meat or fish depending on the season, from our own place, or from the market. Please contact us for more information.

Scenic viewpoint

If you like to take some nice scenic pictures or selfies, then Thung Sen is the place to go. Depending on the season, you can also make beautiful pictures with lotus flowers.

The entrance is free! You’re welcome!


Brandy Quinn
Brandy Quinn
Didn’t stay here but if the accommodations are equal to the restaurant, the best must be super cozy and the rooms spacious. The food at the restaurant was outstanding. We ordered the pork and egg buns, vegetarian spring rolls (not fried), the pepper tofu and the morning glory and garlic. This all came with purple rice as well. To drink we ordered a coconut coffee and an avocado-banana smoothie. It was too much food for two people for lunch but we couldn’t bare to part with the leftovers so we’ll carry it back to our accommodations in town and have it for a snack or light dinner. The staff is very attentive and the Wi-Fi is the best in Tam Coc. Highly recommend!!
Jaume Conesa Rubio
Jaume Conesa Rubio
Alquilamos una de las cabañas para 3 noches y nos gusto tanto que terminamos pasando 5 noches. El sitio es maravilloso y permite relajarse. -El trato es excelente por parte de los responsables. - Lo que mas me gustó fue el desayuno incluido. Pudiendo desayunar platos tipicos de muchísima calidad cada dia, preparados en el restaurante del hotel, asi como cafe y zumos de frutas de temporada. - En las cabañas, cuidan al minimo detalle, incluyendo, toallas, mosquitera, jabon, pasta de dientes, te, cafe...y hasta jabon para ropa. - Si que parece un poco retirado del centro de Tam Coc, pero en un paseo de 20 min puedes estar en el centro Muchas gracias por vuestra hospitalidad😊
Juan Rodríguez Vega
Juan Rodríguez Vega
Un sitio súper agradable, alejado del núcleo urbano pero un total remanso de paz. Un imprescindible. Tomamos un coconut coffee y un helado de fruta de la pasión y vainilla y ambos increíbles.
Canh Ho
Canh Ho
Vk Ck cùng con nhỏ lựa chọn được chỗ nghỉ này. Cực kì OK. Xứng đáng từng xu. Chất lượng và đúng chất nghỉ dưỡng . Tình cờ và may mắn 4/11/2023
Khu nghỉ dưỡng vào cuối tuần rất hợp lý luôn các bạn nhé! Xung quanh đây có núi, có hồ, và rất nhiều cây cối xanh mát mắt, không khí ở đây cực thích. Có cả phòng nghỉ qua đêm nữa ạ. Quán phục vụ đồ ăn rất ngon đa dạng….
Jelmer W
Jelmer W
For the restaurant; lovely place. We had egg coffee and spring rolls which were both very good. There is also a viewpoint nearby which is worth checking out while you are there.

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đường vào đền Thái Vi, Ninh Hải,
Hoa Lư, Tam Coc, Ninh Bình

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+84 855 080 686 Tiếng Việt / English
+84 777 248 022 English


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