Stay the Night

Sleep at Thung Sen Tam Coc

Stay in our bamboo huts in beautiful Tam Coc. Enjoy nature outside and comfort inside. Sleep peacefully and wake up ready for adventure. Feel at home with us.

Unique Location

Discover a peaceful spot in a quiet valley. Our place, Lotus Valley Bamboo Retreat, is surrounded by lotus flowers, a calm river, and big mountains. It’s a perfect getaway.

Stay in Our Bamboo Huts

Our six bamboo huts combine the feel of tradition with today’s comforts. Each 20m² hut has air conditioning and a mosquito net. Sleep soundly and wake up to the peaceful sounds of nature.

What You Can Do Here:

  • Relax in Nature: Chill by the pond or take a walk around.
  • Go on Adventures: Visit nearby attractions like the Thung Nam Bird Park and Mua Cave.
  • Enjoy Your Nights: Have a quiet evening or party without disturbing anyone.
  • Cooking class: Have a private cooking class in our kitchen and enjoy the results.

What We Offer:

  • Good Food: Eat at our restaurant or cook in our kitchen.
  • Fast Internet: Work or surf online with great views.
  • Close to Town: We’re just 2km from central Tam Coc.

Scenic Views All Around:

Our valley is a treat for the eyes. Whether you’re looking at the sun shining over the ponds filled with lotus flowers or the big mountains around, there’s always something beautiful to see. We’ve picked out some of the best spots for you to catch these views. So, take a short walk, find a cozy spot, and enjoy the natural beauty of Tam Coc. It’s a sight you won’t forget!

Cooking Class:

Join our cooking class to learn how to make Vietnamese dishes. Our local chefs will show you step by step. You’ll pick fresh ingredients and learn traditional cooking methods. By the end, you’ll have a tasty meal and a great story to tell. It’s a fun way to connect with Vietnam’s food culture. Come and cook with us!

Why Choose Us?

Our promise is simple: memories crafted with care, experiences drenched in authenticity, and a stay that feels like a gentle embrace from nature herself. At Lotus Valley Bamboo Retreat, your dreams take root.

Secure Your Serene Escape Now!

Fill in our simple reservation form and lock in your tranquil getaway at Lotus Valley Bamboo Retreat. Enjoy peace of mind with no upfront payment required. Don’t miss out – nature’s embrace awaits you.